The World - Hip Hop Jam, Martial Arts Tournament, Zumbathon

March 01, 2014
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

A Hip Hop Jam, a Martial Arts Tournament, and Zumba marathon in one HUGE event created by Crowned Brodies Crew and the iconic 23 HQ Martial Studio. A community event to help spread positivity in the Bay Area. Also giving the opportunity to vibe to the great music and the great talent presented at the beautiful Craneway Pavilion- Skyway banquet room (2nd floor)

DOORS OPEN AT 9:30am for venue. The JAM starts at 11:00am

Price:$10 for competitors

$15 admission for spectators

($15 Admission will give you access to all 3 events)

-A Hip-Hop Jam

-A Martial Arts Tournament

-A Zumbathon



MC’s: Lilly Sedaghat & Rusbel Angulo (Crowned Brodies)

DJ’s: A.j. Mad Madayag (Illest Villians) & Vicente Rodriguez

1. Nagisa Okano Wong (Rebel Rockers/Uroboros/West-O/808 Breakers)
2. Jordan Alec Miraflor Jamx (Gorilla Warfare/Beatz N' Pieces)
3. Thai Breaker ((Universal Bboy/Oakland Breakers/Soul Cannibals)


* 2v2 Bboy/Bgirl Battle! going for the Prize of $300 Cash


For more info please contact 23 HQ (23rd Street Headquarters) - James Rafael Solis 510-235-6565