Conquer Fighting Championships - CFC2

April 30, 2016
6:00 PM -

An exciting evening of Pro and Amateur MMA fights + Celeb fighters autograph signings. 

This card is absolutely stacked for a west-coast regional mma promotion with numerous up-and-comers and vets fighting with UFC, Bellator, and Strikeforce experience.
1 Anthony Avila VS Juan Quesada
2 Buddy Wallace VS James Terry
3 Josh Paiva VS Ulysses Gomez
4 Jordan Williams VS Dwight Grant
5 Mauricio Alonso VS Mike Persons
6 Amir Lacy VS Myron Smith
7 Bren O’Neal VS Salvador Becerra
8 Paradise Vaovasa VS Samuel Alvarez
9 Jordan Powell VS Mike Morales
10 JT Donaldson VS Drey Mitchell
11 Roger Severson VS Agapito Mendoza
12 Dustin Moore VS Brian Wilkinson